1835 Town Hall Committee

Mission Statement

The mission of the 1835 Town Hall Committee is to refurbish, restore and maintain Sterling's prominent 1835 Town Hall and oversee its use as a community center for open public meeting space as originally intended.

1835 Town Hall Cattle Show in 1905

1835 Town Hall Circa 1905

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Members of the 1835 Town Hall Committee are appointed by the Board of Selectmen.

Committee Members

Name Title
Robert Barwise Member (06/30/2018)
Joann Drown Member (06/30/2018)
David W. Gibbs Member (06/30/2019)
Robert McKay Jones Chair (06/30/2019)
Ronald Pichierri Member (06/30/2018)
Carl Corrinne Member (06/30/2020)
Christine McCarthy Member (06/30/2020)
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