Animal Control Advisory Board

Duties & Responsibilities

Upon request from the Animal Control Officer, the Animal Control Advisory Board shall be charged to evaluate animal control problems by collecting necessary data, hearing expert opinion, holding public hearings, etc. and shall recommend solutions or actions necessary to resolve such problems. If resolution is not satisfactory at the level of the advisory board, the Animal Control Advisory Board will recommend the issue be brought to the Board of Selectmen for further review. It would also recommend appropriate rules and regulations for the care and control of animals and facilities covered by the bylaw and review budgets and contracts for animal control.

The Animal Control Advisory Board is appointed by the Board of Selectmen on an annual basis.

Board Members

Name Title
Karen Kase Chair (06/30/2018)
Theresa Sadler Vice-Chair (06/30/2018)
Frances Simonds Secretary (06/30/2018)
Anne Marie Catalano Member (06/30/2018)
Cynthia Miller Member (06/30/2018)
Louis Massa Animal Control Officer (06/30/2018)
Richard Lane
Keith B. Murray Member (06/30/2018)
Bridget Austin Member (06/30/2018)
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