Beaver Conflict Resolution

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beaver-sm.jpgIn the year 2000, the Massachusetts Legislature amended an existing law that effected how citizens and landowners address problems caused by beavers and muskrat.  If you think you have a problem with beaver or muskrat, you can apply to the Board of Health for a 10-day Emergency Permit.  If the Board determines that the situation constitutes a threat to public health or safety, your permit will allow you to take specific actions to remedy the problem. 


NOTE:  Actions for resolving conflict with beavers such as trapping of beavers, breaching dams or installing water-flow devices are strictly regulated in Massachusetts.  Conservation Commission and/or Board of Health authorization is required in most cases.  Please contact the Board of Health, Conservation Commission or the Central District Office of the Department of Wildlife Division of Fisheries and Wildlife in West Boylston (508-835-3607) for guidance and help. 

To apply for an Emergency Permit, please complete the Emergency Certification Form and a Property Owner Consent Form.  If the problem is located on more than one property, please provide a Property Owner Consent Form for all properties involved. 

Visit the links to MassWildlife listed above for more information. 

It is against the law to capture and release beaver in another location.