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NOTE: The Sterling Board of Health now requires that its Health Agent or Alternate be present during all Title 5 Septic System Inspections.

All septic systems constructed in the Town of Sterling must be permitted by the Board of Health and inspected by the board or its agent.  The Board of Health is the primary regulatory body responsible for septic systems.  The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection oversees the local implementation of Title 5 and provides us with technical assistance and training.
The design for all septic systems must be reviewed by the Board of Health and its agent to ensure compliance with all standards. Please review the Sterling Title 5 Requirements for details on the process to obtain a permit for your septic system.
Please note:  Only Disposal Works Installers who are permitted in the Town of Sterling may install or repair septic systems in Sterling.  To apply for a Disposal Works Installer License, please download the application file.


To begin the process of installing a new septic system, you must first conduct a soil test to verify the suitability of the soil.  The plan for the septic system must be submitted and approved by the Board of Health Agent.  Upon plan approval, we then issue a construction permit which must be signed by the applicant.  The Certificate of Compliance is to be completed by the applicant or engineer and signed by the designer and installer and submitted to this board.

Septic Design

If the design submitted for review does not require any variances, the Health Agent can review and approve the design.
If your design requires variances, you must apply in writing requesting a variance and placement on the agenda for a Board of Health meeting.  At the meeting, a preliminary hearing will be made and the board will schedule a Definitive Hearing. You must notify abutters of this Definitive Hearing via certified mail and provide proof of this to the board.