Adopt-an-Island Program

Adopt-an-Island Program

Guidelines and Conditions for Participation, Planting & Maintenance

The Adopt-an-Island Program has been instituted by the Town of Sterling to beautify the roads leading into and within Sterling through civic engagement and to provide an affordable marketing opportunity for the local business community. As such, the Town asks that all participants in the Program agree to plant and maintain their designated island in compliance with the following conditions:

  1. Island plantings must be maintained by the sponsor through the first frost of October. Maintenance includes trash removal, weeding, planting of flowers, plants and shrubs, spreading of mulch, watering and the revitalizing I replenishing of all aforementioned materials throughout the season.
  2. Ensure that any planting on the islands will be limited to natural materials such as plants, shrubs, flowers and mulch.
  3. Replace, as needed any plant items that perish during the course of the season.
  4. The height of the plants and shrubs should not exceed 30 inches, and any signage or plantings may not impede visibility for vehicles.
  5. The signage on the island shall be limited to one sign paid for by the sponsor directly to the sign company. The sign shall read 'Sponsored  by' and the name of the sponsor along with the company's  logo. (Prices will vary based on detail) Signs must conform to the Town of Sterling Zoning Bylaw regulations. The sign specifications are as follows:
    1. Material: 3/4 inch PVC or 3 millimeter DiBond material
    2. Size: 1 foot by 2 feet or not to exceed 2 square feet
    3. Colors: Specific to businesses logo (No limitations on number of colors.)
    4. Posts: 1x1, 2x2 or 4x4 inch square aluminum tubing
    5. Font: Specific to businesses logo (No limitations with font styles and size
    6. Sign companies have been provided on the attached Application
  6. If at any point the Town deems that the island is unsightly due to lack of care, then the Town will remove the "Adopt-An-Island" sign and the person or business will forfeit their rights to plant or advertise on the island.

Please keep these conditions and refer to them as necessary during the planting of your assigned island.

Thank you for your participation in the Adopt-an-Island Program.

Renewal applications receive priority, followed by new applicants.