Hydrant Flushing 2017

Hydrant flushing will begin April 10th and continue through May 2017 or until completion.  Water crews will be working at fire hydrants allowing water to flow from the hydrant.  The process of flushing hydrants is necessary maintenance to maintain water quality, improve system efficiency, flush sediments and rust from main pipes in order to enhance water quality, determines proper operation of hydrants and valves, identifies proper flows in water mains, and checks water pressure and water flow.

Temporary discloration of water may occur as the particles are cleaned from the pipes.  To clear the discloration run all cold water faucets inside your home for 15 minutes or until the water runs clear. 

Water pressure may be low due to flushing and will resolve in your area once flushing is complete.

Washing laundry while water is discolored is not recommended.  Washing clothes especially with chlorine bleach when water is discolored will stain laundry. 

Discolored water and sedement is not harmful to your health and does not pose a health risk.