Department of Public Works


The Superintendent of Public Works also acts as the Tree Warden and is responsible for all trees within the rights of ways of all the town roads.

To Remove a Tree

If you wish to remove a tree, please send the Tree Warden a request in writing stating the location, type and size of the tree. Also include an explanation of why you wish to remove it.   Please be aware that there are specific rules and regulations concerning the removal of trees on a designated Scenic Road.  If the tree is determined to be on a scenic road you must also contact the Sterling Planning Board. Please see the information on the Planning Board's page regarding this process.

Before granting permission to remove any tree, the Tree Warden must hold public hearing.  

If this tree is located on a designated scenic road then a hearing before the Planning Board must also be held. In that case, these two hearings are usually combined.If you are not sure whether or not the tree is on yours or the Town's property, play it safe and ask the Tree Warden to make a determination.