Fair Committee

The Sterling Fair is a 2 1/2 day, family oriented, community, agricultural fair with the emphasis on agriculture and education. We do not charge admission or parking fees. However, the fair relies on the sale of buttons, T-shirts and ads to keep it free. Support your fair with a purchase or donation!

For more information, please contact the fair by Email and visit our official website.

The members of the Fair Committee are appointed annually in May by the Board of Selectmen for a 3 year term to expire June 30th.

Board Members

Name Title
Doug Downey Co-Chair (06/30/2018)
Terry Heinhold Co-Chair (06/30/2018)
Gloria Rugg Secretary (06/30/2018)
Veronica Litterio Treasurer (06/30/2018)
David Agurkis Member (06/30/2018)
Margaret Agurkis Member (06/30/2018)
Philip Campbell Member (06/30/2018)
Judy Corbett Member (06/30/2015)
Linda Davis Member (06/30/2018)
Kevin Day Member (06/30/2018)
Peter Downey Member (06/30/2015)
Carl Gronblom Member (06/30/2018)
Chip (Daniel) Hallet Member (06/30/2018)
Jay Hartnett Member (06/30/2015)
Donald Jewett Member (06/30/2018)
Robert E. Kneeland Member (06/30/2018)
Nicholas Kronopolus Member (06/30/2018)
Christopher P. O'Neil Member (06/30/2018)
Joshua Pineo Member (06/30/2018)
Mark Pruneau Member (06/30/2015)
Barbara Roberti Member (06/30/2018)
Douglas Roberts Member (6/30/2018)
Raymond Rugg, Jr. Member (06/30/2018)
Raymond Rugg Sr. Member (06/30/2018)
Keith Shaughnessy Member (06/30/2015)
Joan Strang Member (06/30/2018)
Merylee Calahan Associate Member (06/30/2017)
Shirlene Hagan Associate Member (06/30/2018)
Lisa Hebert Associate Member (06/30/2015)
Muriel Johnson Associate Member (06/30/2017)
Michaela Krafve Associate Member (06/30/2015)
Jeremy Kurtz Associate Member (06/30/2015)
Amy Legere Associate Member (06/30/2016)
Tammy Mathews Associate Member (06/30/2015)
Jodie Meader Associate Member (06/30/2015)
Tina Robinson Associate Member (06/30/2018)
Wanda Walsh Associate Member (06/30/2015)
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