Field Use FAQs

How can I obtain a permit for the use of the Recreational fields?

Field use requests must be made through the Recreation Office. Please call us at 978-422-3041 or email with inquiries.

What recreational facilities are available in town?

Lighted tennis courts and baseball fields are located in West Sterling on Holden Road. Soccer fields, softball fields, Babe Ruth field, snack shack, and walking track are located at Griffin Road.  Houghton soccer field and softball field are located on the south side of Houghton School, Boutelle Road.  U-10 soccer and t-ball fields can be found on Muddy Pond Road fields.  Little league fields are also located at Redstone Hill.

Can non-residents receive permits for the fields?

Yes, they must complete the required documents.  There are separate rates for non-resident teams/users.

How can I obtain permission to use other Recreational facilities?

Space requests can be made by contacting the Recreation Office at 978-422-3041 or